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After nearly a decade with Canadian pop-punk band Hawk Nelson, Jason Dunn has opened a new musical chapter in his life. Now residing in New York with his wife Lenay (host of MTV’s 10 on Top), Dunn spent the first part of 2012 crafting his debut album. The forthcoming longplayer is a blend of pop and rock, with musical influences that range from Maroon 5 to Boys Like Girls to Hawk Nelson. After nearly a decade with Christian rock band Hawk Nelson, frontman and founding member Jason Dunn departed the Grammy and Dove Award nominated group in May to pursue a solo career. “It’s been quite an interesting couple of years for me,” says Dunn. “I quit a band that was doing fairly well for themselves and I started all over again, working my way from the ground up. An eclectic mix of pop, punk and rock, Dunn has been in a Nashville st…


September 10, 2013

Franklin, TN

The first week of tour with Nine Lashes (@ninelashes) and Last Watch (@lastwatchrock) is officially in the bag. We played 2 shows in Indiana and finished the run off in Nine Lashes hometown of Cullman, AL. What a trip it has been! It’s so fun to be back out on the road again. I haven’t toured like this since 2005. You’re trusting a day sheet that is emailed to you just hours upon arrival. So far my GPS has recognized only one of the destinations! I just drive around until I see Nine Lashes bus. The excitement of playing shows has returned to me, and I think it’s evident! Each night is unpredictable., never sure what the audience will think. I’m always hoping the crowd will embrace me as myself, without the name I’d been carrying around with me for over 10 years. So far, so good!

Day 1 we showed up to Greenwood, IN. I was super nervous. I haven’t toured in a year and a half. I felt good in rehearsals but that’s different, there’s no butterflies in a practice room. Plus, you never know what to expect when you’re on the road for 4 weeks with people you’ve never met before. I was scared. I’d seen pictures of both Nine Lashes & Last Watch. Everyone look intimidating!!!! My first thought was “Oh, they’re gonna hate me”.

I was wrong.

I love both bands. They are the sweetest people and we became friends instantly! The entire crew are super cool and easy going. It doesn’t feel competitive like it had in the past. We all just love what we do. We have a reason for playing music and making a difference in people’s lives. Kids are leaving the show energized and full of life. That’s so cool!

There’s a strong bond between bands, which I like. We all share the same dressing room. We all eat dinner together. I had gotten so used to having separate dressing rooms, which creates distance. One dressing room creates community. I love that. Plus, it gives me the chance to beat everyone in FIFA 13. 

Highlights so far on tour:

-the after show game of hide and seek in Greenwood.

-playing with one of the greatest bands ever. They’re called “Silver From the Flames”. Keep your eyes open for them. They’re gonna take over the world!

-tour meeting in the squash court. That was hilarious…and impossible.

We have a week off cuz Nine Lashes has a gig out in Colorado. We’re gonna meet up with everyone in Ohio next week. I miss everyone already! This week off will give me time to do some more writing and recording. After all, this is music city.

See you out on the road!


remaining tour dates (subject to change):

Wed. Sept. 18- Benton, KY

Thur. Sept. 19Union Station, OH

Sun. Sept. 22Sylvania, OH

Wed. Sept. 25Youngstown, OH

Thur. Sept. 26Fort Lee, VA

Fri. Sept. 27Fort Lee, Va

Sun. Sept. 29- Greenville, SC

Wed. Oct. 2- Orlando, FL

Thur. Oct. 3Bonifay, FL

Sat. Oct. 5Bushnell, FL

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